Advantage of the bot

Bot reduces whitelist filling time

What bot can do

Bot fill gleam form, it may be Whitelist for ICO/IDO. Bot can Join to Telegram channel, Follow Tritter, Retweet, go to link, answer the questions

How it works

Bot write on JavaScript. Bot run on form in Chrome. Bot don't need you password, it 100% legit, imitating user actions

What is bot package

Bot has many modules:
1. Gleam bot
2. Twitter bot for follow, retweet, unretweet
3. Telegram bot
4. Chrome with specials plugins
5. Winner wallet checker

Prepare for run bot

For each account you need:
1. Proxy
2. Twitter
3. Email
4. Crypto Wallet Address
5. Enter to Chrome with special plugins
6. Run bot in main account
7. In main account build answers for subaccounts
8. Run bot in subccounts with main reffer link

Result of using bot

It depends on the number of participants. According statistics, 1 of 30 accounts goes to the whitelist.


What About Captcha?
Bot can't solve Captcha. For solve Catcha use Extention

Do I have to provide passwords for my accounts?
No, you need provide only your name of Twitter, Telegram, Youtube etc.

Where I can buy proxy? or make it manually on VPS

Where I can buy twitter accounts?